Our Technical Assistance Program

Social Marketing is a specialization in the field of health communications. It blends traditional marketing techniques and behavioral theories to communicate key information that is used to impact the Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs (KAB) of a specific audience.

Social marketing is a highly evaluated practice that is used widely across public health agencies. The purpose is to communicate health harms of certain behaviors (smoking, driving without a seatbelt) and to “sell” a change in behavior. Over time the old behavior is no longer socially acceptable and is denormalized.

While social marketing combats social and health harms and improves safety of individuals, it is also effective at disseminating critical information to large groups of people across expansive geographic areas.

Social marketing is an effective tool for increasing awareness, reaching tribal communities and providing intervention, prevention and education.

Technical Assistance Program Services

  • Communications training and advising
  • Campaign planning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Media Planning and Placement
  • Public Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Social Media
  • Creative: Print, Digital and Online, Out-of-home, Direct Mail and Collateral
  • Design
  • Web/Multimedia
  • Radio/TV/Long-Form Video

Program Resources for OVW Tribal Grantees

  • Newsletters - Quarterly news and tips on communications and outreach tactics
  • Live webinars - Training on communications, community engagement and behavior change strategies
  • Video tutorials - Step-by-step guides for communications, social marketing and content creation
  • One-on-one coaching - Individualized support and technical assistance in the field of marketing, communications outreach and engagement