"A place where people gather."

The Purpose of Our Work

In the United States, violence against American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) women has reached devastating levels on tribal lands and in Alaska Native communities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that murder is the third leading cause of death among AI/AN women. Despite this, the epidemic has been largely invisible. Over the years, and without consistent positive interventions, violence has become normalized. In the absence of any public promotion or open discussion across all ages, genders and social circles many Native people have come to “expect” some exposure to or experience of violence. It has become a part of one’s daily existence. We’re here to change that.
It is possible, to stop the cyclical nature of experiencing violence, perpetuating violence and expecting violence. This can be accomplished by changing the paradigm surrounding violence by changing behaviors at the individual, community and societal levels.

Our Mission

Qizhjeh Heritage Institute (QHI) is a 501(c)(3) Alaska Native non-profit entity with the mission to promote the health, safety and resiliency of Alaska Native and American Indian people and communities through education, communication and a commitment to culture.

QHI strives to improve the quality of life for Native Peoples by addressing health and social justice issues through providing:

  • Culturally relevant education
  • Outreach and awareness support
  • Social marketing services

QHI’s Technical Assistance Program

Our Technical Assistance program is designed to arm individuals, tribes and tribal coalitions with the tools and resources to design, develop and deploy communications materials that will resonate with their audiences in a fresh and modern way.
We work through developing core elements of a communications framework designed to combat violence, explore technology, inspire creativity and connect grantees with resources around the country. Grantees can use the communications framework in their mission to address violence prevention and interventions and provide critical information and engagement.