Qizhjeh Heritage Institute

Qizhjeh Heritage Institute (QHI) is a 501(c)(3) Alaska Native non-profit entity with the mission to promote the health, safety and resiliency of Alaska Native and American Indian people and communities through education, communications and a commitment to culture.

The roots of our organization are in the Lake and Peninsula Borough of Alaska. The village of Nondalton, Alaska is where we got our start, helping to provide educational and cultural resources for tribal members and shareholders of Kijik Corporation. Today we’ve grown to serve Native peoples across Alaska and the Lower 48 states. 

QHI is committed to improving the quality of life of Native Peoples by addressing the health and social justice issues through providing culturally relevant education, outreach, awareness and social marketing services.

Northwest Strategies

As trusted partners, Northwest Strategies (NWS) and QHI teams can help OVW Tribal Grantees and Coalitions to realize comprehensive communications programs that will prevent violence and save lives.

NWS is an Alaska Native and woman-owned and managed brand marketing and communications agency. Through their heritage they celebrate and advance their Nation’s Indigenous people better than any communications firm in the country. Many government entities, tribes, tribal health organizations and Native enterprises trust NWS to help grow their organization’s interests with purpose and pride.

NWS’s dedicated team of Alaska Native/American Indian communications professionals provide clients with a wide array of indigenous perspectives from across Alaska and the Lower 48. From brand strategy and video production to fully-fledged integrated marketing campaigns, NWS is changing the narrative about our First Nations Peoples.